New Ghidini Bosco Website Now Live

We're very excited to announce that our new website is now fully operating.
As you will see we divided it into 3 main section, which are reflecting our focus as a company: Catalog of lighting components, Italia Arte hardware and custom projects.
. Lighting components catalog
Ghidini Bosco is the global leader of casting brass lighting components. 
Since the early days of our foundation, the men and women of Ghidini Bosco have strived to enhance to completely new levels the quality of our castings.
After over 50 years of operation, Ghidini Bosco components are recognised as the finest in the market and we proudly supply the most influential players in the lighting industry.
Ghidini Bosco production has no secrets: our unique combination of preserving the best handmade techniques with the most advanced machinery allow us to set our castings aside from the international competition.
In our catalog section you will be able to browse over 2000 components, refining the search by dimension.
. Italia Arte
Italia Arte was born from our deep knowledge in die casting brass: a timeless design together with the most advanced casting machineries have given Italia Arte a visibility on international markets second to none.
Today you will find our brass hardware in Private Villas, Palaces, luxury hotels, and Institutional and Governmental buildings around the world.
For the most discerning customers we have also developed a series of masterpieces casted in lost wax. From Royalties to Private Owners, Italia Arte lost wax collections represent the the most lavish choice in the door handle market.
. Custom made
During the years at Ghidini Bosco we have developed a worldwide network of interior designers, architects and real estate developers to help them develop custom made projects.
Our deep expertise in treating brass allows our company to develop projects that may differ greatly from one another: from a balustrade to a tile, from a sculpture to a mashrabiya, our experienced team of consultants operate globally to turn our partners concepts into real items.